The band was formed in September ’01 by Kristian, Ricki and Johan. Kristian & Johan had spent many beer drenched nights discussing a new band ever since their former band The SHS Orchestra split up. Ricki was a long time friend of Kristian and the obvious bass player for the band. As Anders (also former SHS member) was recruted the Cryptonics was a fact. Then a long time struggle to find a singer began. Finally the Cryptonics found Olle, who seemed to be the right man for the job.

The first demo was recorded in April ’02. Since then there’s been quite a lot of changes to the Cryptonics sound. In July the former singer Olle had to leave the band. A few months later the band turned into a three-piece since former guitarist Anders had to quit the band, due to family circumstances.

At this point the remaining members took over the vocals. With really no experience in singing and playing at the same time, the songs naturally became more punk-influenced and less complicated.

After a couple of years The Cryptonics got frustrated with the restrictions of a three-man piece and set out to find a new lead singer and a second guitarist. The search for a singer was short since Anders Lödöen was a good friend of the band and had been looking for a new band for a while. The spot as second guitarist was filled (after hours of nagging) by Magnus Ellsveden, a work-colleague of Kristian's spring -06, Anders powerful vocals and melodical talent plus the guitar magic delivered by Magnus added more depth and substance to the music. Stay tuned...


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